Terms of Service

tlhonmey's node rules:

Be polite and don't overload my server and I won't delete your account and block your IP with no warning.

Do note that I may become bored with running this service and shut it down at any time with no warning. Data does not exist unless it exists in at least three places. If the data you upload to this site is important to you, make backups.

If you're one of the unfortunate souls who lives in a country where your legislators believe you're too stupid to understand how web pages work I'll make it simple for you:

1. You should assume that anything you send to a third-party over the Internet is theirs to do with as they please for all of eternity. There is no way for you to know that they've actually deleted it, and no way for them to prove they've deleted it, so just don't post anything you don't want to be freely available to the world for eternity. This software allows you to delete your account. That won't delete your data from my backups until they age out. Which, for the most part, takes about ten years. If you have a problem with that, run your own node and get off my lawn!

2. Some sites, including this one, ask your browser to store bits of data for them so they can sort out which user is which and so all of the data doesn't have to get sent back and forth with every request. These bits of data are called "cookies". If you don't like my site storing cookies on your machine, you'll find that virtually all modern browsers have a page in their settings where you can tell them which sites are and are not allowed to store cookies when you visit them. This is a much more reliable method than hoping sites will respect your request that they not set cookies and can actually tell you apart from the other users and so know not to set them. If you object to any of my sites setting cookies in your browser, turn cookies off. If the site doesn't work after you do that, that's not my problem, get off my lawn!

If it seems to you that my site is misbehaving tell me. I'll look at it and let you know if I care. If I don't care, all is not lost. You can run your own node, or induce me to care by paying me $60/hour plus materials cost.

Finally, by accepting these terms you agree to give me first choice of any birthday gifts you receive for the next twenty years unless you message me within thirty days of your account's creation and tell me that I'm being ridiculous.