Happy weekend for you too Rinus!!
Happy weekend for you too!
Very nice place :)
Want to live there.
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Stunning! ...when did you first pick up a camera @Rinus Bakker? don't just walk up on this; it takes dedication
Thanks for your attention @Lindz. L.N.C.
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Awesome @Rinus Bakker...I'm 35 years in, but I'm just an artistic amateur...I imagine you use Raw image format and all that

I was wondering if you had heard of a utility that batch converts file names from EXIF data; specifically date / time. I've looked around a bit, but I did not find much; without going into a Photography Forum.

I'm using Ubuntu and ExifTool as a starting point. I don't use Windows anymore, but if there is a free utility, I have a Win10 laptop. Input and output is as follows, for filename.jpg.

2018:12:01 03:14:30 (extracted from Exif data) to, if possible, 20181203 031430 You don't need windows, Linux such as ubuntu has loads of applications for the purpose.
I would recommend to install Gimp for making the best of your files.
If you want more like a photo management system you could try digikam.
Idk what exactly you want to do with the exif data but you can made shell script to do what you want

ImageMagic is very powerful tool too
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DigiKam seems promising for photo management because it mentions NAS storage in the features. Ubuntu comes with Shotwell as a default. It has it's own Output for file names. I want to get to a batch process where I can put a series of JPG files into a folder and run the utility. Having it rename every file from the Exif data to the output of date / time to the second.
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@MasterOfTheWind yes, that's what I need...I just wanted to "pick some brains" before I embark on that...looking for the easy ;-)

Just in case someone had already do it and saved me the time. I'll be honest, I only found ExifTool last spring and I can see that it's doable. Hey, somebody give me Easytag for Pictures! - Crusty the Clown ;-)
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@MasterOfTheWind ImageMagick looks promising...I'll check that out...thanks ;-)
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That's even better! ...
ImageMagick is often used in image gallery servers to do automated work. Can do a lot of things if you know how to use it. Have a lot of examples online for all functions.
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I'm not trying to be commercial...I have an Intranet of Synology NAS (Public and Private) and a variety of client computing platforms...this isn't my main gig

Synology has some decent software (open source, under the hood ;-) but I spend months on their "Craptastic" Backup utility, before I went back to Grsync. Synology has gotten better, recently so I don't complain. It was just "so much easier" to buy something "off the shelf" for size and reliability. My studio is cramped enough, so breadbox size was better that DIY Linux boxes.

Maybe I should invest the time in ImageMagick, think I'll review the script first ;-)

Thanks @MasterOfTheWind and @Rinus Bakker
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...and I need that...thanks again
Yeah, I like my Synology box, but I don't trust their backup software. My time working in data recovery taught me that you should never trust backups that need proprietary software to read them because of being in some undocumented fancy format. I just use Synology's software to schedule rsync.
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That's nice to know @MasterOfTheWind...
@baggab Synology makes decent hardware from what I hear. Personally I just plugged a multi-bay USB 3.0 enclosure into an old laptop. It doesn't look as tidy, but it's approximately the same size and your speed will be limited by your wireless network anyway.

What are you using for off-site backups? Remember, data does not exist unless it exists in at least three places.
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I can't do off site...I keep one server on an Intranet...the other server is public, but I'm not using that right now

I have Google Drive, but I don't use it much now. I pulled everything down since G+ is going away. I would like to have co-location but I can't get a family member to participate in maintaining a server. They are tech Luddites. It's just a small time situation, but I should be getting a domain and web storage, in the coming year.
@baggab I've got a few non-tech people in my family. If they have internet service all you really need from them is for them to let you set a machine in the corner somewhere and maybe be willing to toggle a power switch on occasion if you call and ask. The rest is easy enough to manage remotely. Although running a server yourself tends to be slightly more expensive than going with a cloud provider, especially the archive services that run it off to tape or whatever and put it in a vault. (although those cost a lot more if you ever need to get it back, so it's a calculated risk.)

If you want to keep it more private, is a cool project for distributed, fault tolerant storage that doesn't require trusting the storage nodes. It's what I've got running with some friends and family. It'll even run on some home routers and then you just have to plug in a storage drive.

And it still works to just get a couple of external drives and rotate them through someplace you visit regularly and can leave them.

The general rule is that a third of what it would cost you to lose the data is a good amount to spend on backups.

Speaking of which: This conversation reminds me I need to pick up a couple of drives for the new storage node. :)
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@Laurence Perkins my family are really Luddites...they are generally nice people: retired teacher, nurse, and Food Bank warehouse worker...when it comes to Linux, they are completely brainwashed

I'm not trying any more to convince them. They are all Microsofties, one is even only two people removed from Bill Gates. Lett them suffer; I've payed my dues listening to them blather on about things they know nothing about.

My private server is good enough. I have small SSD's in my computers and large data files to work on, so serving on a Intranet makes sense. I maintain a JBOD vault for further backup. I'm going to start using Blu-ray Burners to archive, at 100 GB per. Those I can have family hold on to, along with a portable Blu-ray burner

My public server will be for me to share data with extended family via the Internet. When I have a commercial product to sell, I'll just go with a service.