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Plus dangereux que le bruit des bottes, le silence des pantoufles...

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[Grise Bouille, tome 3]

Vous ne l'attendiez plus, et pourtant, le voici, le voilà enfin… le tome 3 de Grise Bouille est arrivé ! Un beau bébé de 300 pages édité chez #Framabook, toujours sous licence libre :)

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Vous connaissez le Point S ??

Personnellement, lorsque je suis passé par là, je n'ai pu m’empêcher d'imaginer le gars, devant le gérant de banque:
-Vous êtes certain, monsieur, que cette avance de fonds servira à lancer votre garage? Vous savez, pour les salons de massage, nous avons aussi d'excellents plans!
Et puis, vous pourriez me dire où est situé le Point S?
-Ben cr*ss c'est marqué là, sur ma demande!
-Ah! Ben oui... et vous spécifiez que c'est silencieux? Parce que, vous savez, les gens... gnegna...
-Écoutez! tout sera bien aligné!
-Ha bon... oui, je vois... c'est Clair!
-Ben non c'est pas Claire! C'est Monique!
-Ha... ben oui, je-vois-je-vois... Ben vu que c'est Monique, si vous voulez signer ici.. et là.
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My Best Friend Hank is the companion we all need in this life

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I love to talk to tuna fish cans, they are very complacent, never contradict me, don't have a boring conversation,...

I love to talk to tuna fish cans, they are very complacent, never contradict me, don't have a boring conversation,...

Comrade Bernie (I - Vt) visited Soviet Union during honeymoon

Earlier this year, two minutes of the long-lost videos went viral when a staffer at Chittenden County’s Channel 17 posted a compilation of the station’s archival footage online. The clip featured a shirtless Sanders and other Americans singing “This Land Is Your Land” to their hosts after relaxing in a sauna. A few minutes later, Sanders doled out the gifts to his Russian friends with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Their goal was to establish a “sister city” relationship with Yaroslavl, a community along the Volga River home to about 500,000 people. At the time, the Soviet Union was beginning to open itself to the world, if only slightly — and Sanders was a self-described socialist with an unusually large interest in foreign affairs for a mayor.
Bernie is such a silly, I can't take him serious in such some events. To travel to Yaroslavl during your honeymoon to create a partnership with this city, handing over gifts from the West... This man is far from being a threat to the American Way of Life, no matter what he does. :'D
Later, he tells a Russian man, “I’m not very happy about this, but there are not many people in the state of Vermont who speak Russian. In fact, one of the things that we want to do is to see if we can develop a Russian studies program in our high school.”
I guess that wouldn't have gone well if he seriously tried to introduce something like this. Soon enough, people would've fallen for a Russian craze, accusing him of being a spy for the KGB to infiltrate innocent Americans and such some crap.
Davitian, who lived in Burlington at the time, said progressives were thrilled by Sanders' trip to the Soviet Union, while everyday residents didn’t mind. “As long as the streets were getting paved, there wasn’t opposition to him as an activist mayor,” she said.
In the end, he was only a small fish, a town mayor. He wasn't even elected to Congress back then, so what would the people have minded anyway? He didn't have any power to create something significant beyond a partnership between Burlington, VT and Yaroslavl.
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Ha ha ha ha ha
Tapez marléne schiappa et shiappa sans majuscules et Marlène schiappa juste avec la majuscule sur le prénom dans Google traduction(Italien Français).
C'est pas moi c'est Google.
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I first saw this video years ago, and just randomly watched it again. I could watch this video over and over, and still love it. #humor #humour #tech
Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek

Televangelist sells Trump coin for 45 dollars

And this, my friends, is how crooked a religion can be abused for greedy means. If Jesus was still alive, I guess that he would track down this false prophet, kick him down with God's fist, take all the coins, and send them down the river. This man has already fallen from God's grace, because he sold himself to the sins. And, of course, to Donnie.
“When I asked the Lord, ‘Why the coin?’ he said ‘Because when you take the coin, it’s a point of contact,’” Wallnau said in the recording, the Daily News notes. “So your faith is being released with a million other believers to pray protection and peace and wisdom and counsel over the president of the United States and over his family.”
Unfortunately, there really are idiots who believe in this crap.
And because Drumpf is the 45th president the coin is doing the most to justify its $45 price tag by linking Isaiah 45:1 in the Bible which reads, “Thus saith the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him and to strip kinds of their armor, to open doors before him so that gates shall not be shut.”
Someone either attended one's Bible courses or did a lot of research in the Holy Fucking Bible.
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I was joking, it's black humor......
This company makes me laugh because it has been fattening the world's population for decades and it makes mansions for sick children to raise their awareness........

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Austrian McDonald's stores now cooperate with embassy to help US tourists and expatriats to find their way

"American citizens traveling in Austria who find themselves in distress and without a way to contact the U.S. Embassy can enter – as of Wednesday, May 15, 2019 – any McDonald's in Austria, and staff will assist them in making contact with the U.S. Embassy for consular services," the announcement read.

In a statement to, McDonald’s spokesperson Wilhelm Baldia said the U.S. Consulate selected the fast-food company because of the "brand's great fame among Americans."
This story is only getting funnier while you read it. :'D
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Les bons et les mauvais migrants
__Guillaume Meurice - France Inter_
Guillaume Meurice a rencontré des militants de la Républiques en marche pour parler d'immigration
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Victor Borge

De temps à autres (j'avais envie d'écrire cette formule...) il m'arrive de retourner écouter ce monsieur, parce qu'il me fait toujours autant rire et que ça me fait du bien.
Remarquez, si ça me payait en plus, ce serait mieux, mais bon...

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